1. Too Many Americans are Angry.


2. Anti – Globalization aka. America First. We want to keep our money, our jobs and our values. We like them. . 


3. Immigration; Borders; Crimes by Immigrants…


Anti-American Bigotry From the Left


5. Populism, Pride in America. Pride on our Constitution, our flag and our way of life.

The reasons behind the above five reasons? You can fill them in your own. Everybody knows them.

Americans can’t leave America like Britain just left the Union, but we can insist government bring it and us back to the America we know and love instead of the constant drumbeat from the Left, from the “Progressives” who want us to commit cultural suicide so we can work harder and live worse so anyone who was born in a worse place can bring their failed ideas here and make us worse off. No. We want America back. We want a great America back again. 


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