Fear of being overrun by waves of immigrants was a driving concern for “Leave” voters.

The British voters are fed up so they voted to leave the EU. Good. They’ve been let down by their leaders who promised one thing but failed to deliver. The same spirit and knowledge caused Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate for President. He was in Scotland and in response to questions from the press has voiced his approval for Brexit.

“The U.K. will be stronger for it. They have taken their independence back. They can block anyone coming in they do not think is appropriate.” Meaning Jihadi Immigrants should be deported. Oh, wait, that comes a bit later but it’s the sentiment of the LEAVE voters as well as the trump voters.
Trumps “Take Back Our Country,” in some ways, is merely British for “Make America Great Again.” Illegal immigrants who come to America by violating the immigration laws and Legal Immigrants forced down the throats of the British as well as the French, the Dutch, the Scandinavians and so on caused BREXIT and TRUMP. So far, so good.

What unites the majority of angry disaffected Britons and disaffected angry Trump supporters is a feeling they have, until now, been voiceless. Whatever the long term results of this bitter, hard-fought campaign in Britain—certainly one of the most divisive, —the Leave supporters, like Trump’s followers, are not going away. A cultural divide has been revealed in the U.K., and it is one that is probably as serious as its counterpart in the United States. Both movements are unyielding in their nature and define themselves by a refusal to cooperate or compromise. One doesn’t compromise with evil or with Jihadists.

In Holland, the extreme-right-wing Dutch Party for Freedom, which is headed by founder Geert Wilders, leads the polls. In Austria, the right-wing, populist Freedom Party recently came within a whisker of claiming the presidency for Norbert Hofer. And in France, the National Front, a fascist party in all but name, led by Marine Le Pen, stands a good chance of taking the presidency from François Hollande next spring. All of them loathe the overbearing, regulations, laws, demands and commands of the European Union and have no problem with overt self-defense. Will Brexit proceed apace with similar moves in Holland and France? One can hope.

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