No one want’s to pay to ride their bicycle thru the woods. Loads of free-loaders however want someone else to pay to pave over a SEPTA railroad track that runs through Bucks County so they can have another place to walk, jog, run or bike on a smooth macadam road. They dream of riding their bicycles through an unspoiled wilderness but they want someone else to pay for their dreams. Some people call they “environazi’s”.

Why not charge the trail users a fee to walk, jog, run or bike along the proposed multi-million dollar path?

Because free-loaders won’t pay. They think trails just appear and they somehow have a right to bike.

Few people will welcome a bunch of people riding their bicycles through their property. There are parks and trails so why do some people insist they should be welcome to ride all over anyone else’s property?

Where do they ride now? It’s rare to see bicycle riders these days. People use cars. Young people who aren’t old enough to drive a car will use a bicycle but there aren’t many who actually do it.

The suburbs use cars. Suburban residents all seem to have cars and many families have three, four or more cars parked in their driveways. Cars are more common than bicycles, even in the city.

So asking the taxpayers of Northampton to pony up $4 – $5 million or more so an abandoned railroad can be covered with smooth macadam so some bicycle riders can go for a ride is going too far. If the bicycle riders want to pay it might be worth accommodating them but there are plenty of free places to ride so it’s a safe bet they won’t pay to use a rail to trail paved trail.

Even more so for walkers, joggers and runners who have plenty of places to walk, jog or run so they won’t pay when there are places to walk, jog or run for free. It’s not that they are cheap-skates, they know they don’t have to pay anything so why should they pay for something they get for free? Of course they won’t pay nor should they have to.
The best thing to do with an abandoned railroad line is return the land to the people from whom it was taken in the first place.

The railroad, in this case SEPTA should not only return the land to it’s natural state, that is the way it was before they build their railroad on it, they should compensate the property owners for all of the damage they did to their properties over the decades long use of their land, they should get off, and stay off in addition to paying up.

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