In Hawaii, American citizens who own a firearm are being placed into a database that severely violates the Constitution and many of the Amendments in the American Bill of Rights as well as additional amendments.

Hawaii shows the dangers of government power. It is fitting that the anti-American President Obama increased his disdain for America when he was raised in Hawaii and where he was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a strong anti-American Communist.

Hawaii governor Ige, an ignorant, Liberal, Left-Wing, America hating Democrat of Japanese descent forces Hawaiian citizens to register their firearms and immediately the Hawaiian Police will add them to a Federal FBI Database. There is no way to remove people from the Federal Database. This is as un-American as the British Tea Tax that led to the Boston Tea Party which led to the American Revolution where personal firearms were used to replace a despotic government.

Here’s hoping without much possibility for success that the people of Hawaii arrest Ige for violating the Constitution as an example of how serious Americans are in support of our Freedoms and our Liberty. It’s a sad day for Hawaii and for America. 



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