“Hate Crimes” are nothing more than “Thought Crimes”.

Progressives desire more “hate-crime” legislation. They added sexual orientation, gender, disability, and other politically correct categories to the list.

Why would anyone seek to dehumanize the white male parts of the human race.

When whites kill blacks, or when heterosexuals kill homosexuals, “hate-crimes” are now considered to have taken place. The opposite is not a problem for the White Haters.
As George Orwell put it in Animal Farm: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

In his book: “Hating Whitey”, David Horowitz demonstrates the double standard in American society when it comes to the toleration of hatred, revealing how everyone is taught and expected to be inclusive and tolerant toward all ethnic groups – except, of course, towards “whitey.”

Horowitz shows how, in the university curricula throughout the country, the most politically correct version of history and society now entails the pedagogy that white people are evil. In his essay on bell hooks (lowercase letters her own elusive social statement), Horowitz reveals how hooks, the Distinguished Professor of English at the City College of New York epitomizes the license to hate white people. One of the cult-leaders of political correctness, hooks has written an essay in her book: “Killing Rage” in which she revels as a fantasy, killing an anonymous white male on an airplane. She said she felt a “homicidal malice” and affirms that, “Had I killed the white man whose behavior evoked the rage, I feel that it would have been caused by the madness engendered by a pathological context.” She explains how those blacks who do not want to murder whites are victims of a false consciousness. “Blacks who lack a proper killing rage,” she writes, “are merely victims.”

Horowitz observes that if hooks killed the white man, someone else would ultimately have to be responsible, because: “even if she had done it, she did not do it. In fact white people did it.”

In reflecting on these phenomena, we come to understand the origins and objectives of “hate-crime” legislation. As Horowitz shows, the agenda is founded on Marxism, a philosophy that constructs a paradigm of society being divided between oppressors and victims. And it is precisely that vision that sees a social utopia being possible only after the extermination of certain groups.

Thus, “hate-crime” legislation is the ultimate socialist fantasy. Genocide cannot occur without hatred, and hatred cannot effectively engender its killing machines without camouflaging itself as love.

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