Britain has been assessed and paying about $18 billion U.S. a year (1) to the EU in membership costs. Britain saves that ASAP. It’s like a tax rebate check. Good for the British.

Britain can take care of itself in world trade because Britain practically invented world trade when the British East India Company

Britain can negotiate one trade deal that is advantageous to Britain with the European Union and one more with America. Britain doesn’t need a trade deal with Canada. Canada is a member of the 53 nation Commonwealth of Nations formerly the British Commonwealth. Britain can now freely trade with it’s Commonwealth without getting approval from Brussels, home of the EU. 

The West has been in a crisis of the old order.

People who disrespect or mis-understood that like Obama were pleading with UK voters to cast their ballots for the status quo had essentially placed themselves on the side of: dysfunction; of chaos; of menacing threats to the very essence of the West. Trump saw that and spoke out against uncontrolled immigration; agains Economic Stagnation; against a loss of national identity.

These values constitute the legacy of Europe’s seventy-year march toward more and more integration. Add to that the steady erosion of democratic structures as EU countries ceded more and more control over the lives of their citizens to unelected, unaccountable, nameless and faceless bureaucrats in Brussels whose constant preoccupation is the stealthy accumulation of political power — aprocess at which they are brilliant.

Britain can, should and must stop immigrants from countries who have declared Jihad against Britain or against friends of Britain. It could not do that while in the EU.

Presumptive American Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, conveniently in Scotland the day after the BREXIT vote said:   ”I felt it was going to happen,” Trump said, in answer to a question from the press at a press conference at one of his golf courses in Scotland Friday morning. Trump continued: “There are great similarities between what happened here and my campaign. People want to take their country back.” He also suggested that he would be for the breakup of the entire EU.

FOOTNOTE: During its heyday, the East India Company not only established trade through Asia and the Middle East but also effectively became of the ruler of territories vastly larger than the United Kingdom itself. It also created, rather than conquered, colonies. Singapore, for example, was an island with very few Malay inhabitants in 1819 when Sir Stamford Raffles purchased it for the Company from their ruler, the Sultan of Johor, and created what eventually became one of the world’s greatest trans-shipment ports. 


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