The Clinton Foundation is more crooked than Bernie Madoff. The New Your Times laid out one sordid deal that netted Hillary over $130 million in cash.

Hillary Clinton, while she was secretary of state, signed off on a deal that allowed a Russian government enterprise to control one-fifth of all uranium producing capacity in the United States. Rosatom, the Russian company, acquired a Canadian firm controlled by Frank Giustra, a friend of Bill Clinton’s and member of the foundation board, who has pledged over $130 million to the Clinton family charity. Giustra later gave $31.3 million to the Clinton Foundation

The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013. It’s been in operation since 1997. 19 years. It’s a billion dollar scheme.

Because of the Foundation Bill is supposedly worth $90 million and Hillary is worth $30 million. It’s all dirty money.

Here are some of the “Groups” or “Sections” of the so-called foundation. It’s nothing but a money harvesting operation for the Clintons. It makes nothing. It sells nothing but it moves cash around like a dollar version of Niagara Falls.

1. Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)
2. CHAI launched the Pediatric and Rural Initiatives
3. The Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS
4. Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
5. Clinton Global Initiative Latin America i
6. CGI University,
7. CGI America,
8. CGI University Day of Service in Miami, Florida.
9. CGI International
10. Clinton Global Citizen Awards
11. Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI)
12. Large Cities Climate Leadership Group,
13. 1Sky campaign
14. the global Climate Positive Development Program
15. Clinton Development Initiative (CDI)
16. originally the Clinton Hunter Development Initiative,
17. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation
18. The Healthy Schools Program,
19. The empowerME Movement
20. Clinton Economic Opportunity Initiative
21. Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative
22. Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI)
23. Disaster relief
24. No Ceilings project

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