In America more than 4.5 million people a year are seriously injured of die in highway accidents. That means 370,000 people a month are killed or seriously injured by cars.

In the last four months COVID-19 has affected about 738,000 Americans and killed about 39,000 people. That’s about 18,000 people a month affected and about 10,000 a month unfortunately died.

So… Cars injure or kill 370,000 a month and COVID-19 has affected only 39,000 a month or about 10% as many people as are affected adversly by cars yet cars aren’t banned.

As of 2016, 28.2 million U.S. adults were diagnosed with heart disease. In 2015, nearly 634,000 people died of heart disease, making it the leading cause of death

The government order to shutdown America because of a flu is like using a shotgun to control bugs.

Wear a mask or a scarf over your nose and mouth, keep away from people if you get the sniffles, demand government get out of the way and that government open up businesses. Smarten up.

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