Guns have a trigger. Terrorists have a trigger finger. The finger is not the problem. Neither is the gun. Neither is the violence.

Military, police, security, hunters and many other Americans have guns. Over three hundred thousand guns in America. One terrorist with one trigger finger and one or two guns has the unanswered ability to murder 49 and maim 53. One terrorist.

It’s the trigger finger of the Terrorist, not the gun that’s the problem. Second problem, no one to answer the terrorist attack. the police cannot be everywhere. The military is to protect and defend us outside of America. Security could have been an answer.

Should someone inside the nightclub have had a gun? Not really. Sure it’s constitutional for people to carry a gun but America has been so safe for so long that American’s have not had a need to walk around with deadly force.

Because of the rather small threat of terrorism inside America it may be time to beef up armed security. It may be time to increase the number of police after normal business hours in places where crowds of people gather. There are other solutions to keep Americans safe. Donald Trump addressed some on Hannity today. He will plan to keep America safe again, something neither Obama not Clinton is capable or prepared to do. Obama want’s to ignore evil. Loretta Lynch very foolishly want’s to show the terrorists love. Hillary is simply vapid about protecting people. She’s not a law ans order person, more like a law to protect Hillary but hardly anyone else. Hillary is not a leader.

Hillary should leave the Presidential campaign right now. She is missing many attributes of leadership beginning with her dictatorial preaching how bad we are. Hillary can criticize but she cannot lead. She lacks leadership ability and she lacks followers.

President Trump on the other hand want’s to protect Americans. President Trump loves Americans. loves America and want’s more American’s to be able to protect themselves, their families and their friends. Trump will make America safe again on his way to Making America Great Again, ….for everyone. .   




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