Why start off 2015 as President Obama just did, with an attack? Why act like a know-it-all when that’s clearly not true? Why not at least try to get along as well with Congress as the man is with Cuba or Iran, two dictatorships that are clear enemies of America? What’s wrong with this guy? He should have been growed-up better.

Obama has the opportunity to show everyone how magnanimous he is; how easy he is to get along with and how well he gets along with others.

He’s not the king, even though he (and Michelle)demand to be treated like they are royals. He may be too arrogant to reach out or to work along with the normal differences of  people but he needs to step up and perhaps teach Congress how to get along by example.

But no. He’s chosen to be as difficult as he can be so here’s a strategy for the Republicans. Reach out.

Republicans can afford to reach out to the man. They own the majority in both the House and the Senate. Republicans can’t get legislation approves without Obama but neither can Obama get legislation passed without the agreement of Congress. Instead of an impasse, an open road. Instead of gridlock and deadlock, -friendship and agreement. Obama can take note of a boxing match where the opponents show respect for their opponent but then because governing is not fighting, sit down and get along.

There’s no need to come out fighting. It’s not even done that way at The United Nations where the less developed countries at least have the courtesy to keep their hostility second to their agenda to achieve something.

OTOH, maybe he just can’t get along. Maybe hostility really is part of his nature.  



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