We pay taxes to government for them to enforce the law. Forcing business people to check the citizenship of workers turns them from private citizens into the KGB Secret Police. Tell government to catch the bad guys or return our tax money.

Where did employers get the power to be policemen and women? That’s what the government is supposed to do.

Why should business people have to act like the Secret Police and demand workers prove they are legal workers? Most native born Americans don’t walk around with their birth certificates and why should they? Most legal immigrants don’t walk around with their passports and their visa’s and why should they?

It’s difficult to operate a business. Government is not supposed to get involved with business because it’s a privacy issue.

If government want’s business people to act like the immigration gestapo they should give them badges, guns and orders to show people when they try to force them to identify their birthplace. This is nonsense up with which we should not put. 



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