The restaurant on the 37th floor of Two Liberty in Philly combines various spectaculars.

A spectacular restaurant must have spectacular cuisine. R2L has more than spectacular cuisine. It’s stupendous.

The wine list has hundreds of different wines.

The service is as attentive as you need.

The atmosphere inside the room is chic. Very chic. High Style Décor complemented by live flowers that are understated and unique.

Dining at R2L is perfect or as close to perfect as it can be.

That leaves the windows.

On a typical night the view is also spectacular it’s over two thousand square miles. Easily seen far away at twilight are the lights of the Sports Stadiums. Up Market Street to the Post Office building which looks bigger than the Pantheon in Athens, to the Delaware river and along Interstate 295 all the way to the setting sun if you are there at twilight, it’s a pleasure to the eyes.

Dining at R2L is close to a perfect setting on this earth. A marvelous experience.

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