A church in Denmark bought a rather elaborate one to assist their organist. It was covered in velvet to avoid whatever emotions such hats call forth, e.g. uproarious laughter, and the church went even further by painting the walls of the nave and apse with paint designed to block incoming electromagnetic waves. Special clothing was ordered with silver threads although the special threads may have been aluminum which is cheaper that actual silver.

The problems with tinfoil hats is they do not cover the face or neck therefore they are cannot be 100% effective. Nor does a metallic hat stop all incoming radiation but there is a larger shape problem noted. The shape may be partly parabolic or even spherical which shapes are used to amplify electromagnetic waves in for example, listening and receiving antennas. The hat may be making things worse.

The organist, one Christina Funch Mellgren, is overly sensitive to electromagnetic waves. Christina is the chairperson for the Danish Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Association. The church desires happy employees based on the theory that happy employees are, well, happy.

Churches in Denmark are supported by government so the parishioners of Mellgren’s did not have to bear all of the costs of her special hat, paint and the painting labor. the entire country was obligated to bear the cost of the hat, paint and clothes. Fair is fair, at least in Denmark.

No doubt the story is not over because no mention was made of the church roof. If it wasn’t part of the painting maybe the intent is to obtain a hat large enough for it. One can’t be too careful these days, or it seems too crazy.

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