There are reasons a-plenty to sue Trump University when a fabulous career in real estate is impossible because a graduate fails to find, negotiate or close deals.Neither Harvard, Princeton or Yale guarantees their tuition payments will be rewarded by attainment of their degrees.

Even The University of Pennsylvania cannot claim their degree caused the fantastic success of alum Trump. There are life failures with college degrees.

Trump University doesn’t cause success or failure without or unless the student has the necessary personal characteristics.  

The cognitive dissonance; the intellectual disconnect felt by a failure to achieve can be misused to blame the salesman or the product for the buyers failure to achieve the goals that are seemingly promised. No learning process can failure. A ghetto illustrates.

A new car loses value as soon as the ink is dry on the sales contract. A change of hairstyle is often insufficient to score a movie contract. OTOH, it may be the purchase that works.

Buyer’s remorse is an example of post-decision dissonance. It is often caused by or driven by false expectation.

A lack of or a distorted ability to accept personal  responsibility causes buyers remorse. Not everyone can sell or buy real estate the way Donald Trump has done.  His children did not inherit his brain. They are fabulously successful so the connection is easy to make but it’s impossible to think for another, just as a meal cannot be digested by someone else.

The judge in the Trump University case is a self-confirmed member of a group of lawyers who attempt to re-define the words “La Raza”. Their website includes: This “La Raza” is an inclusive concept, meaning that Hispanics share with all other peoples of the world a common heritage and destiny.” Why then do they need to form a group that is seperate from all other peoples of the world? Because they don’t get it, at least not succicienty to imform their bias and prejudice. They validate the Dunning–Kruger effect which is a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled persons suffer illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude and evaluate their own ability accurately. La Raza should disown the La Raza lawyers association of San Diego for incompetence.

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