Another ruling that proves Obama doesn’t get it. He just made the girls bathrooms is schools more dangerous for girls, women and gay people. 

The first problem has always been with boys and men who want to get into the girls bathrooms. Obama made it easier for perverts to do it. Men can protect themselves from other men. Women are in danger from men who want to harm them because most men can easily overpower a woman.

What about the perverts who are constantly drilling little holes in the walls to spy on woman as women go about their business in the woman’s bathrooms? Why isn’t Obama protecting our women instead of making it easier for perverted men to have access to our women?

The problem isn’t coming from Lesbians who use the men’s rooms. Lesbians want to use the woman’s rooms because that’s where women are and lesbians love women, not men. The problem is with perverted men who can now use the woman’s rooms to line up their victims. 

What about gay boys in grade school who are gay who use the girls bathroom and are outed? How dangerous is that when some of the boys start making life for a gay boy more difficult? Even grown gay men know when to act like a male is safer than acting gay. Gay men can decide to come out or not so they don’t expose themselves to situations they would rather not be in. that’s far too complicated for a child in grade school to grasp so they could be in danger and Obama made it easier for them to be put in that danger by telling them they can use the girls bathroom.   



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