Some idiots want Northampton Township to spend about $6 million to build a bicycle trail on top of the SEPTA tracks that go from Upper Southampton, through Northampton and Newtown townships and end in Newtown.

 There’s a “dangerous to bicycle across” low sided SEPTA railroad bridge over Buck Road, another over Stony Ford Road where it’s easy to fall down onto Busy Buck road on into the gorge under Stoney Ford Road. There’s yet another severly neglected and abandoned railroad bridge across the Neshaminy Creek. The railroad under the bridge over Stony Ford Road is an attractive and dangerous nuisance because among other legal and liability issues there’s a 40 foot deep gorge at the bottom of which is the railroad. It’s hard to imagine no one has fallen down the steep banks and when the liability carriers get a load of the danger the liability premiums will ratchet up.

It’s a railroad to nowhere because the station in Newtown was sensibly ripped up decades ago.

The bicycle riders don’t want to pay for any part of the trail through Northampton, nor do they want to pay for the increased liability insurance to cover the costs when a bicycle rider takes a spill on the township trail. This is a stupid and dangerous set of ideas from the “I want it free” crowd.

The fair solution to the severely neglected SEPTA Fox Chase Line is to return the land to the adjacent property owners from whom it was taken and for which they were never paid.   


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