It’s like a religious mantra with the first ever black president to do what black people have been doing for decades, blame the white people. Even in Jackson Miss where the entire government apparatus is 100% black, they refuse to take responsibility for their own condition.

The Jackson (Miss.) Free Press has been running a series called: “Preventing Violence: Solutions for Creating a Safer Jackson: The JFP’s ongoing series about urban crime and research-based solutions to prevent it.”

Read this series to understand why, in the absence of white people, even when black people control every level of government, the latter racial group will still blame the former for the sordid nature of affairs found in the city. Increase that to the entire 50 states and to the president who is still blaming white people for the problems in Ferguson, Jackson and by extension to all 50 states. America’s state religion is now: waging war on whiteness.

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