The Third Reich was about world domination driven by the worst racism because they murdered people who weren’t sufficiently identified as members of The Master Race. Obama trumps that because of his animus driven by his rogue ideas about politics, race and religion. Obama gets the prize because he deals with all three of the forbidden subjects, Politics, Race and Religion. Any one of which is sufficient to get one kicked out of the polite circles so all three are as bad as it can get.

President Obama is clearly not on the side of what used to be called “WASP’s” White race, Anglo-Saxon (British / German meaning Northern European) ancestors and Protestant, meaning Christian but not Roman Catholic because Irish, Italian and Polish who were excluded as déclassé, i.e., fallen from grace. President Obama’s hardly veiled actions that reveal his acrimony against all those except Democrat, Black, & Muslim preferences, can be witnessed in his speech’s, his actions and in his book: “Dreams From My Father”.

Some regard Jewish people as a race, some as a religious group but the Third Reich believed the Aryans, the German people, were superior to other races. They blamed everything they didn’t like as the fault of the Jews.
But the sin, the great crime against humanity of the German culture was the actions they took to murder Jews. Should an entire culture be blamed for the orders of the leaders? In the case of the German culture before and especially during WWII, clearly not. Despite the indictments at Nuremburg, not everyone who lived in Germany was to blame for the Holocaust. The question is begged by asking how many were in on the conspiracy? The answer is plenty. Anti-Semitism was rife in Eastern Europe especially in Poland, Germany, Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Russia. Not everyone in those places was against Jewish people but far too many were.
Obama has serious issues against those who are different than him. America with it’s melting pot and polyglot culture can never get to the point as Nazi Germany did where a single race, culture or religion is blamed for everything wrong in the culture but President Obama seems to be too heavy handed to be considered a uniter. He’s a divider along racial lines. Even though he doesn’t live and breathe enmity against outsiders during every waking moment, he’s does plenty to deserve opprobrium from those he dislikes.
President Obama has 2.9 million civilian and 1.3 million military at his disposal. That’s 4.2 million people who report directly to the Federal Government. Germany in 1941 had 3 million in the military and several million or so who worked for government at all levels. That’s a lot of anti-Semites.
President Obamas discrimination has deniability because he doesn’t explain why he does certain things but the appearance of impropriety is there.

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