Where did Santarserio come from? Well, he went to religious schools including Tufts in Massachusetts, a very Liberal (Left Wing) Liberal Arts school followed by law school. He joined the bar but couldn’t fit in so he returned to school and got a lesser degree and went into teaching. That didn’t work out so he ran for office after the State representative Dave Steil retired. He gave up being a lawyer to move back wards into teaching chil and became a lawyer but He voted in favor of burdening Charter Schools even more than other Public Schools by making them study and report on useless information thus wasting their time and forcing them to spend money they would have been able to use to better educate the students.

Incredibly he failed to support Union activity during and before strikes by restricting their activities by re-classifying some activities and making then illegal. A Turncoat who is not to be trusted.

Santarserio voted against the people who provide jobs and income almost 70% of the time. He is anti-free trade almost 70% of the time compared to Republican Scott Petri who supports the jobmakers 100%.

Santarserio hates the American Constitution for the unique freedom Americans have to protect themselves by being armed. He wants the Second Amendment repealed or restricted. He has voted to make the simple purchase illegal of firearms that are commonly in the possession of hunters, farmers and homeowners. Very, very un-American. Very unpatriotic.

Santarsiero supports the government only sale of beer and wine. Almost the entire world supports the sale of alcoholic beverages except for a few 19th century thinkers who want to force people to deal with the government to buy a bottle of wine or a bottle of beer.

One of the most contradictory positions of Santarserio is his philosophy of taking more and more money from taxpayers to make taxpayers more successful. That’s like making a patient bleed to cure him of living.  

He want’s to spend much higher amounts of tax money to pay for more inefficient solar panels to make electricity. Solar power is like taking a building on a camping trip. A 15 watt solar panel is $50 bucks. It makes electricity for about 20 years. It doesn’t work when it’s dark. People need lights when it’s dark. See the problem? A solar panel doesn’t work when it’s needed.

The worlds largest solar panel company went out of business last year. Since 2009, 112 solar energy companies in the United States and European Union have declared bankruptcy, closed their doors or been acquired by competitors under suboptimal conditions, according to a list put together by Greentech Media.

To date, 76 solar companies have “closed, gone bankrupt, become insolvent” and another 36 have “ended up in assignment for benefit of creditors, or have been acquired in less than positive circumstances,” according to Greentech’s Eric Wesoff. Suntech Power Holdings, which was until recently the world’s largest producer of solar panels, has said its main subsidiary in China is bankrupt……developing, ….



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