That’s what Make America Great Again! means. The Establishment Republicans and the Tea Parties are coming around to Trumps America First policy but they are kicking and screaming.

The Democrats are the opposite. Hillary puts the world first. That’s what Socialists do. Socialism is the opposite of Americanism. America is about Freedom First. Hillary is against that. Hillary has the audacity to put Hillary herself before America and before American’s.

That’s part of the reason Trump won the Republican nomination. The other candidates ran away from Trumps audacious America First idea. In their wrong belief’s that the way to defeat Trump was to isolate his ideas and to isolate him, as Alinsky taught, to make him and his ideas different than everyone else but in the process of making Trump unique they make him stand out and they unwittingly marketed his ideas for him and the people knew Trump was supporting them, not the politically elite and the politically correct so they flocked to Trump and put him ahead of the 16 opponents. Now only Bernie and Hillary are left. Americans know the difference between Bernie who puts for example all of society ahead of each person. At bottom that’s what Socialism means. Other’s first, yourself last, and people know that’s not what America was founded on.  

Hillary is even worse than Bernie for American’s. She puts Hillary First, all others next and individuals last. Hillary makes individuals third in importance. She will support The United Nations before she will support America.

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