Life ends for everyone. No one gets out alive. The key to a successful life is time and especially time that’s been well spent. A brief life can be more successful than a long one although everyone wants as much time as possible. Life is about many, many things.. Love, especially with a husband or wife; children; of course, grandchildren and in our case great grandchildren.

Live is lived on different levels. Sometimes speed is important. Other times are slower and often deeper to extend the enjoyment of time well spent. Today, September 24, 2021 we met to view our grandson, Hunter Ray Yeagle who passed away on Labor Day, September 6, 2021. . It’s impossible to describe the love we had for him when he was alive or to describe the loss we feel after losing him at age 28. His life by our accounts was massively successful. His death at age 28 is likewise, a massive tragedy.

Words fail…

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