The Chinese did not respond in kind to rogue General Milley’s treasonous reach-out to tell the Chinese Opposition  he will warn them if America decides to strike China..   WWHHHHAATTT!!

Yes. He did. He says he did it because he decided President Trump was deranged… Of course that made things worse for him. Calling your boss nuts is standard for most people but when the boss is the president it’s a different ballgame. Milley MUST be fired for the good of America. He acted as though he was the president. Milley is supposed to take orders, not run the foreign service office of America. His demonstration of treasonous incompetence may be due to hardening of the arteries. It may be due to a degradation of some other part of his intellect but he did wrong. Perhaps it’s just that his intellect wasn’t up to the job. Either way, Milley is done.

Milley needs to resign. Pronto. Now… If not he needs to be fired. He must also apologize to Donald Trump.  Trump blasted Milley as treasonous, called him “a complete nutjob” and said Milley “never told me about calls being made to China.” Milley is far too short and too fat for the job. His mind is shot. He must go….

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