Every appointed office holder including the Secretary of State is required to leave behind all of the government’s files. Hillary still has them on her server. That violated the law. If she signed form OF-109 and kept the files it’s a felony for each document. If she didn’t sign the form it’s perjury because she said she followed all of the laws.

There’s no wiggle room because the documents are not actually printed on a piece of paper. They are on her server at her home and all sorts of demands to produce them will happen in a few weeks. Megyn Kelly filed a FOIA request with the Department of State to get them to reveal whether or not Hillary signed OF-109.

This woman has abused her law degree by avoiding things other’s must do. She has too haughty an opinion of herself as being above the law. She has an immoral, rule bending and rule breaking mentation. She does not belong in public office.

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