The approval of OBAMACARE by the five Supremes is a disasterous decision. Three different written decisions. Not one will make America more like a Constitutional Republic because all nine Justices agree that the “Commerce Clause” gives Government the power to rule every aspect of every life in America.

Even Judge Scalia who wrote the dissenting opinion agrees the Commerce Clause provides the basis of power to Congress to, for example, tell a single farmer that they are forbidden from growing wheat for their own use on their own property.

The entire OBAMACARE bill is Constitutional, the fabulous five say because……. well, it’s impossible to recite all of their reasons. They got this one wrong. The slip opinion is a summary of the full opinion. The slip includes name-calling, the speciality of Justice Ginsberg who should know better but it also, for the first time in my lifetime speaks against something none of the nine can explain, “the limits of the Commerce Clause”.  My opinion is the Commerce Clause has been taken out of context, used, wrongly, to support massive un-constitutional interventions in the free market, the free market that America approached close than any other government in the history of the world. Try, for example to start a business in France. It’s almost impossible because government does not support individual Liberty. Individual Liberty is the minimum a culture needs to flourish. Visit the other countries in Europe. I did. Those countries are among the most freedom loving and advanced cultures in history but they are all decidedly Left. Not left-leaning. Hard Left. To every European their nation, not the individuals living in the nation, the nation,  comes first. Their culture is everything.  Proof? Go to Europe. Talk to them. Look around. Ask questions and find out how they seperate themselves, Liberty, freedom and their nation. More proof? Go to any-non-European country, (I went to lots of them),  and see if they are as free as the Europeans, but beware. You better study this freedon stuff if you want to understand it and to compare America with any other culture. That leaves very few people, I’m sad to say, even in America , where decades of anti-American work by billions of people in and out of America, have been working to pull down the moral basis of America. OBAMACARE is an indicator of their success and the nine little bastards on the Supreme Court are another example of the Left tilt of the world. Don’t be part of the system that is rotting America from within. Read The Galt Speech in Atlas Shrugged”. Read OPAR, – “The Objectivist Philosophy of Ayn Rand “, by Leonard Piekoff. The Galt Speech is pretty long but try to stick with it.  It has the basic axioms, virtues and values you need to learn if you are serious about America and if you really want to save America. I hope you will try.

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