Karl Marx claimed he wanted a classless society but he broke his own rule. He wrote: “From each according to his ability; to each according to his needs”. That’s minimum, two classes. The able and the needy. But Marx ignored centuries of historic evidence when he concluded the able would be happy staying in the same job all their working lives. They will not. People want to advance and often will go to extraordinary ends to achieve success in a job which will get them promoted. According to The Peter Principle, they get promoted until they reach their level of incompetence. Marx himself knew that because if he looked into his own activities he would have seen he was not content to simply starve. He wanted to make something of himself and we have all regretted his choice because he sent the world in the direction of Socialism which eventually requires a dictator to pull it off. Even then, Socialism doesn’t work because too many of the able want to advance and not continue in the dead end job of producing according to their ability.  Then there are the needy who become chronic malcontents, never being satisfied that the able are giving the then all they need. They are constantly in motion protesting this, demonstrating that and learning how to get more money without working. They actually work harder at getting more from the able then they would if they had a non-government job.

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