Eschewing “Unity”, one of the campaign promises of Senator Barack Obama, a privileged son of America who went to three great colleges, complained at the march in Selma, Alabama, about the fictional racial divide in America. It’s like Pope Francis complaining about Catholics.

America began to hear stories about racism when Obama’s popularity began to nosedive. Suddenly his opponents were wrongly portrayed as racist. The Tea Parties, the Republicans and the Conservatives were all about racism even though the Left-Wing Progressive Overspending Democrats led by the President were increasing the National Debt faster than any other President and causing his popularity to plummet. He needs better advisors instead of confabulators.

The popularity of President Obama depends on his policies, not racism and certainly not about slavery. America is the most Multicultural Country ever yet the President and a few excuse fixated friends are still living in the distant past. He falsely claimed to be an immigrant but he isn’t. His father took advantage of the generosity of Americans and graduated from Harvard, as did the President but the President was born in America. His father didn’t leave Kenya as an immigrant to America. Neither did his mother, grandmother, grandfather or their their parents. Obama is neither an immigrant nor the son of immigrants as he said at Selma. Instead of talking about Selma he should have expressed his gratitude at the huge number of Americans who fought to end slavery in The American Civil War, one of the bloodiest wars fought about race by 1.6 million military and millions more who supported them. That was 154 years ago.

President Obama then listed loads and loads of reasons that proved America is the opposite of Racism. He knows the truth yet he refused to tell it at Selma. He could have compared Sub-Sahara Africa and the genocide in Zimbawbe and in Nelson Mandela’s AFC led South Africa where once successful nations are murdering people who are menbers of the wrong race. He could have compared America with any other nation yet he focused on something that was fought against since America was founded.  America was never a nation of slaves. American was never in favor of slavery and when the nation was founded the power of the Southern States was diminished so the power of slavery could be conquered.

America was never founded on slavery.  The greatness of America is based on the goodness of Americans, not people who still condemn Americans for being racists even though the very existence of President Obama is proof of our innocence. The President is unpopular because he’s so wrong on so many things but he’s President in large measure because he’s black. He was elected because people liked him. His opponents didn’t lose because he was black but he won partly because of his race. Also remember: he himself is half white.

But the Losing Left routinely denounces Obama’s conservative opponents as racist. MSNBC is a leader in the false charge of racism. Obama should condemn them for their decidedly non-American ideas.

American Thinker wrote:”It wasn’t a surprise then when Chris Matthews used the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s death to compare Obama to Mandela and GOP to apartheid. If the charge of racism was confined to the prevaricators at MSNBC it would have no further implications. But unfortunately the Left-wing race conspiracy has gone mainstream. The examples abound.

When NBC’s David Gregory interviewed Rep. John Lewis during a Meet the Press special commemorating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, John Lewis perverted the “take back our country” slogan by deliberately misinterpreting it to mean that conservatives want to go back to the segregation era!”

With that kind of propaganda reporting it’s no wonder the President is still confused about America and about the world at large. His brain-gap and narrow-mindedness fails to inform him about the greatness of America and it’s why he panders so much to the haters of America instead of telling them they got it wrong.

So far as remarking about the massive genocide by blacks against whites in South Africa; a far more virulent form of racism than he has ever admitted, President Obama said nothing and so far as thanking the fighters and the dead who fought against slavery in the American Civil War, President Obama had this to say. Nothing.

Zero, zip, nada, nothing. A one-way man.

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