Things haven’t been going good for America but the politicians never admitted it. They kept telling us things were going as good as they could be going under the circumstances but they never told the truth about the decline; the jobs that disappeared; the industries that shut down; and the stores that closed. No one admitted the obvious until Trump came along and said: Yes, America has been getting worse but I can lead America and “Make America Great Again!” He even said it with an exclamation point to emphasize.
Obama even went to country after country and apologized for what America did that was so awful that an American president needed to tell everyone he was sorry for the evils promoted by America. He was and is massively wrong.

It’s not bragging if it’s true and America is still an exception among the great nations because of the principle on which America was founded, viz., Liberty. No nation except America ever trusted the people to govern the country. that’s the exception that America made and it’s what made America into the greatest nation in history and it’s not over yet, despite the apologies of Obama. Obama doesn’t get it. He never did because of his prejudice and anger against America. Trump gets it and he’s being supported by an ever-growing bunch of people from all of the separate elements in America.

America is still a “SuperPower”, not because America has a better military. A superior military doesn’t make an immoral culture into a good one. Military victories are necessary to keep an evil empire from taking over the good ones but America isn’t great because we win on the battlefield, we win on the battlefields because we are a good culture.

Can trump really “Make America Great Again”? What can he do?
First he can stop the countries that play dirty. He can stop paying other countries to be safe by telling them if they want America to protect them they can pay America for doing it. In fact they owe America for our past payments to keep them safe.
Second, he can get government’s heel off the necks of American business by at least lowering the taxes on business so businesses can get more efficient.
Third, he can lower the taxes and change the regulations that caused American businesses to be forced to charge higher prices to pay for higher taxes that held wages down because the government took the money with the highest taxes on business in the world.

When business is good the people do better. More jobs mean a better life. More money means an easier life. More leisure makes family life better. Everyone benefits when America is doing great and Trump can “Make America Great Again!” Go Trump.

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