In the 2016 Primary which just passed, Trump almost received more votes that Hillary even though more Democrats than Republicans voted. Hillary received .78% more votes than Donald. That’s less than 1%, more votes, 25,317,¬†out of 3.2 million votes cast. It was only a Primary and Trump wasn’t running against Hillary so it’s not a correct comparison but it shows how unpopular Hillary is and how popular Trump is in a Democrat blue collar state.

In 2012 Obama beat Romney by 5.4%, 309,000 out of 5.7 million votes.
In 2008 Obama beat McCain in 2012 by 19.3%, 620,478 out of 6 million votes and in 2004 Kerry beat Bush in 2004 by 2.5%, 144,248 out of 5.8 million votes.
Even Al Gore beat Bush in PA by 2 million votes. PA is a Democratic state for sure but, ……

Hillary is very, very vulnerable because Bernie received 720,000 votes and a load of those disgruntled Democrats will vote against Hillary in November. If the vote in November follows the percents in the Primary, Trump only needs 3.5% of Bernie’s 720,081 votes and that’s more than enough for Trump to take PA in November.

Hillary’s only talking tactic is to get out the black vote in Philly but that won’t work because Trump is doing better than Hillary in the black community because black people will do better with Trump because Trump will bring more jobs which includes black jobs and the African American Community in Philly includes many, many blue-collar working people.

Here’s another bit of info. In Bucks County in Eastern PA that’s right next to Philly, Republican Brian Fitzpatrick is on track to be the next Congressman for the 8th Congressional District. His brother beat Democrats by wide margins in the last two elections even though Obama won in the county. Brian is poised to fo that too except he’s running against a very popular PA Democratic State representative which only means Fitzpatricks margin will be smaller. Fitzpatrick a Republican will also benefit from Trumps coat tails in November. In fact, Trump may gain a bit from the popularity of Fitzpatrick. .

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