April 29, 2016. Orange County. California.

The Mexicans are angry birds. At least some of them are angry and their anger spilled into the street last night at a Trump Rally. Just like the Wizard of Oz telling Dorthy to: “Ignore the man behind the curtain”, the Mainstream media is not telling the people the truth about immigrants. Their basic hate towards America was on display as they protested an American Presidential Candidate, Trump, by waving flags not of the United States but of Mexico while they trashed a police car as well as did other damage before they went home.  Did they represent all Latino’s? All Mexicans? All immigrants? No one knows but they were not happy in America.

A similar Mexican mob did the identical thing in Washington DC last week as they demanded America accept an unlimited number of family members from Mexico, at least that’s the message that kept coming through as the Anthem of Mexico was played by a Mariachi Band on the steps of the United States Supreme court and flags of Mexico were waving. Are these people Americans? If not, why did they come to and why are they in America?

These anti-American forces are whipped up by and are the result of the policies of the Liberal Left Wing proving they don’t like America. Why a sensible person would ask, are they here? Why aren’t they in their idea of utopia instead of sticking around America?

Finally, the Mexican mobs don’t represent the Hispanic vote. Puerto Ricans aren’t Mexicans. Neither are the Florida Cubans, neither are the Americanized and America loving Hispanics who are a solid source of blue collar American votes. The take-a-way from the Mexican riots is they are a small part of the solid American loving immigrants and just like the earlier waves of European and Asian people a solid source of Americanism, i.e., good for America. .

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