How many people like clean air?

How many like clean water?

Your answers show how entrenched the environmental movement is and that’s one of the keys to their power. By agreeing with those two premises, you show you agree with the Greens on a fundamental level. That’s how we lost the Agenda 21 debate.

How can you hope to defeat Agenda 21 when you agree with the fundamental principles? You can’t.

How can you defeat Agenda 21 without a plan? How can you expect to defeat a movement without a counter-movement? And how can you expect to win a crusade without ideals? It’s like going to war without bullets. That’s the unfortunate condition of the present opposition to Agenda 21. A movement without goals.  Being against Agenda 21 is a tactic. Being in favor of eliminating Agenda 21 but without knowing the fundamentals of the enemy is worse than going to war without bullets. It’s like trying to win a gunfight with words.

What’s the fundamental issue here?

Here’s what not having a plan looks like. Because there is no plan, “Everything” has to be done. But everything can’t be done with a small group of Patriots. Patriots cannot avoid the reality that “everything” can’t be fixed. Here’s an e-mail from the Bucks County Tea Party Patriots from Thursday, Jan 24, 2013. It shows how difficult it is, even for well-meaning people, to get something done. …..

Sending you some links and information on events you may want to check out!
Congressman Fiztpatrick extolls bi-partisan passage
President and Vice President to hit the road on gun ban tour
Toomey term limits
Governor Corbett and gas tax
Harry Reid and filibuster reform
We need to make daily calls to Washington to stop infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights!!
Sen Toomey 1-855-552-1831      

Sen Casey 866-802-2833            

Rep. Fitzpatrick (R-8) 215-579-8102

Rep Meehan (R-7) 610-690-7323

Rep Schwartz (D-13) 215-517-6572

Rep.Chaka Fattah 215-871-4455 Rep. Bob Brady office 610-874-7094

Concerned Gun Owners of Bucks County  

Topic: Resisting Federal Gun Control and Registration

Where: Warminster VFW Post, 645 Louis Dr.    Warminster, PA 18974

(1/10th Mile east of Street Rd (Rt 132) Between Rts 263 and 332)

When: Monday January 28 2013, 7 to 9 PM


So what’s going on here? Are you fighting Socialism? The Democrats? The “defacto repeal” of the Second Amendment? Bi-Partisanism? Filibuster Reform? The Environmentalists? The Greens? The Blue’s? The Reds? Gas Taxes? Fracking? Unions? Term Limits? Sequestration? Here’s some good news. The problems have a common source. The solutions have a common basis. Obama has betrayed the American Revolution of 1776. He has many friends around the world who want to get rid of Liberty and at this moment they are winning. The American Revolutionaries fought and won against an Aristocracy. The Democrats and the Republicans are fighting for Socialism. Obama is ahead of all of them. Obama is fighting for  Control of Everything. … and he’s winning, …. and he’s going to keep on winning unless people can get out in front of his principles.

Obama is in a battle for the minds of the people. A battle for your mind. The basis for the problems of today have been around long before the days of Plato and Aristotle. It is a battle between science and everything else and right now, everything else is winning and will continue to win as the Second Amendment is further weakened and Agenda 21 keeps growing.


What you can do short term however, is to attack a different set of fundamental tenents of the Environmental Movement, ….. The United Nations.

Agenda 21 is not about clean air and clean water. It’s about control of the United States by a bunch of New world Order Social Democrats.  As an aside, air and water contain many trace elements that can be removed with over-zealous cleaning and filtering thus decreasing some of the health benefits of normal air and water.

Back to the U.N. and Agenda 21. The targets of Agenda 21 are the ordinances and statutes of the political divisions of America. The way to defeat this Agenda of Control is to go after the foundations of the Environmental movement which is the United Nations. Without the sanctions of the United Nations Agenda 21 will wither and die.

The Hungarian revolution of 1976 was stopped by the USSR when they sent tanks into Budapest and shot out the ground floors of the buildings into which the revolutionaries had gone. When the foundations collapsed, so did the buildings and the revolutionaries were killed. Same thing must be done to stop Agenda 21. Go for the foundation, discredit the UN. When the UN is discredited Agenda 21 will have nowhere to go.

You can, in the short term, attack the tactics at the local levels. Look at the planning documents. Agenda 21 depends on keeping itself secret. Planners will not tell you they are working to implement Agenda 21. When you find evidence of Agenda 21 it’s useless to proclaim “this is part of Agenda 21, the United Nations plan to take over the free world.” Most of the practitioners of Agenda 21, most of the Environmental Movement never heard of Agenda 21. they will be startled to learn they are implementing it. They believe they are fighting for clean air, clean water and more open space. When you study the planning documents you will find phrases that sound wonderful. The planners are very practiced at selling their programs so they will typically say things like :

“Fast, Efficient transportation is essential for the growth of XXX County so multi-modal transportation is supported. Better local public transportation will create local jobs.”

Recognize what’s missing. That’s how Agenda 21 works. It keeps itself secret. The Environmental Agenda is so huge that ICLEI no longer needs to fight with it’s own name. Agenda 21 is winning because the foundations of the movement began to solidify in Europe in 1848 with The Communist Manifesto. Don’t laugh. FDR used it. Lyndon Johnson used it and Obama is using it big time and getting away with it. Agenda 21 is fighting like the Communists have been doing. Compromise. Give a little bit. Be bipartisin. Appease the bullies. Compromise with the Democrats. Give a bit to the Republicans. But remember this. Take one thing away with you today. In any compromise between Good and Evil, Evil wins. Agenda 21 supports the things it wants and avoids what it dislikes. In this case it’s cars and roads. In the short term you will have to fight against what’s missing. FInd out what the planners left out.

In closing, I can tell you this is a fight worth fighting. These are battles that need winning but just as a way cannot be fought alll over, these fights need to be condensed into the fight for Liberty and the basis of Liberty is your own mind. Freedom was born here. Don’t let it die here.

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