Chelsea is far more educated so she is held to a higher standard. She failed.
Chelsea wants to take the guns away from the poor so they cannot defend themselves. Don’t take my word, she said it. HERE.

Anyone who want’s to dis-arm Americans as she and her mother want to do should read, think about and grasp one of the most unique benefits of being an American, being able to have and use firearms. Those who conclude people aren’t good enough to have firearms are guilty of two sins. Disrespecting people and the disrespecting our unique American way of life that’s based on the American Constitution. America and Americans are exceptional. Chelsea opposes that and us. Disgraceful.

Chelsea is more obnoxious than her parents.
She’s a child of enormous privilege and wealth and she’s behind the Illegal Clinton Foundation’s mis-appropriation of money, bribes really, for access to her and her parents.

Chelsea has some of the worst taste in the world, from her dull hair, her dull hairstyle, her baby clothes and her lack of style in general. Her mom is perhaps a bit worse although Hillary isn’t quite as hard to look at as Chelsea. That’s not because of her looks but because she’s a symbol for a lot of what’s wrong, wrong because of her parents and their value system which is criminally  abnormal.

Chelsea and her parents can afford to hire a team of stylists of which Chelsea is sorely in need. At least someone close to her should tell her how obnoxious it it to see has prostitute herself for her parents. Who is worse, Chelsea, Hillary or Bill? What’s the point of thinking about that? They’re all bad although Hillary at the moment is the most dangerous. 
Chelsea lives in a $10.5 million dolllar condo in the Flatiron District. Being pimped by an ex-President and Hillary pays well.

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