Hillary voters overlook her obvious lust for money, her constant lying, her use of shabby surrogates to do her dirty work, her sociopathic policy shifts, her horrific overseas record and her health issues in their determined work to get her elected President. What about her manipulativeness, callousness, deceitfulness, and her hostility. Why can’t her supporters see these things. Why can’t they get it right?

She ignores the rules with a brazen corrupt lawyers indifference to them.
Her four years as Secretary of State, a complete but wasted gift from a president who is as dysfunctional as her. Combined with her eight wasted years as a Senator, her breathtaking lack of concrete achievements doesn’t faze her admirers a whit. They have a zealots conviction of her essential goodness and blame her blank track record on diabolical sexist obstructionists.

Maybe her supportors want a Queen, a monarchy.

The gushy nonsense over her droopy white “lab coat” jacket made her look like a wide end popsicle.

What with the persistent cough? Camille Paglia, an MD suggested Hillary may have sporadic flare-ups of thyroid goiter. Whatever it is we should demand the truth from her about her health. “Gimme Some Truth”.

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