In 2001 a bronze sculpture of the head of Winston Churchill was loaned to President Bush. Obama returned it when he moved into the White House. The Telegraph reported in January 2009: “The British Embassy in Washington has now confirmed that it sits in the palatial residence of ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald, just down the road from Vice President Joe Biden’s official residence.” Turns out there are two copies of the Churchill sculpture. One was sent back to Britain, the other is on a table outside the second floor treaty room.

Hussein Onyango Obama, Mr Obama’s paternal grandfather, became involved in the Kenyan independence movement while working as a cook for a British army officer after the war. He was arrested in 1949 and jailed for two years in a high-security prison where, according to his family, he was subjected to horrific violence to extract information about the growing insurgency. Obama’s father was likewise part of an insurgency fighting during the time that Winston Churchill was for independence from Great Britain . The family lore relates that the President “has never believed the British do anything for a common good, rather than their selfish interests,” Mrs Onyango presidnt Obama’s step grandmother told an interviewer in 2010. “He (her husband, Obama’s grandfather), said the whole act sounded barbaric. He wondered why the British never respected African culture.” The point is there’s no reason to accept the idea that president Obama would have supported Winston Churchill ever, at all.  


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