The polls have Cruz losing before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18. The betting odds, the best indicator of where the people who put their money where their mouth is, show Trump crucifying Cruz, to borrow a Christian metaphor. Cruz has brought political fog to a new low level. He cannot win the Republican Nomination unless he bribes delegates. Trump on the other hand has been winning votes.

Why do people dislike Cruz? Because his older brother Tom ruined it with his crazy religious ideas. JOKE!

Ted has more than enough off-putting ideas to get people to walk away from him on his own. For example he can’t get enough Republican votes to beat Donald Trump so he’s hoping the Republican convention can be bribed because that’s the only way Cruz can hope to get the nomination but the delegates aren’t so dumb as to support the losers. Delegates want to win and Trump is the winner. Cruz is running the most stealth campaign America has ever seen. He’s running because he follows the Christian playbook. He’s what Jefferson warned people about; the combination of Church and State.

America has more than enough religion so there’s no point in telling us we need more. We saw the damage the Muslims did on 9/11 because they think America is a Christian nation, even though we aren’t. America practices religion in private. A president is always in the public eye. the President is hardly an office for private people. Cruz wants to change that and make America more Christian. Crux supports Christianity in government. That’s not American. We went through this with JFK. Religion must keep out of government affairs otherwise there’s little difference between Iran which is a religious country and what America will be. It’s the age old hope of many religious people that government can force people to follow Christianity but that’s against the principles that founded America. . . . developing


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