Discrimination is an intellectual function. Acting on discrimination is either beneficial, neutral or fatal. One must discriminate between food and poison. thrive or die.

Supposedly Anti-Discrimination laws are needed to protect minorities but are they? Anti-discrimination laws — whether in support of blacks, gays, women, the disabled or any other group — violate the right to freedom of association. In order to support anti-discrimination laws, logically (and implicitly) you must be against the right to associate and/or do business with whomever you please. Because you cannot have both. So says Dr. Michael Hurd.

“Discrimination” is something we do with our minds. It can be valid or invalid, rational or irrational, mean-spirited or benign, or perhaps just a matter of opinion. Regardless, we do it with our minds. The government has no right to rule our minds. We must all be free to make our own decisions, without government interference, so long as we do not interfere with the right of another to do the same.

Refusing to do business with someone is every bit as much your right as refusing to be friends with someone. I don’t hear anyone proposing laws (at least yet) to outlaw refusal to be friends with a gay/lesbian person, or black person; by what right do we pass laws outlawing people making choices in business? Your business is your business, whether it’s your personal life or your money-making or professional life.”

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