He can’t help it even though he really had a choice about his race. He’s a monoglot: a racial contradiction for a man who lives in the most mixed culture ever. With Obama it’s only and all about his black heritage. That’s wrong. He’s neither black nor white. He should act honestly and support not only his white race component and not only his blackness but his Americanism.

He had his chance. He made his choice. He’s wrong.

Different raced Americans than Obama, those who are one race, generally have no problem with Obama because he supports black people but they have an enormous problem with him putting other races in different light. He can’t have it two ways. In the case of race it’s not either or but in the moral world of race it’s either all or it’s all wrong. It’s never wrong for Obama to salute black people. It’s wrong to salute only black people.

Obama is not an ordinary citizen who loves their own race. He’s the leader of the most diverse culture ever. He doesn’t get that. At the very least he doesn’t get that his job is to support Americans but not go too far in any one-raced direction. He has. He’s wrong.

Michelle Obama is following the same wrong rules. Tom Brady is accused of knowing some of the footballs didn’t follow the rules. Michelle and Barack are breaking rules, not about a game but about America. First Lady Michelle Obama instructed black students at Tuskegee University, a historically all-black university in Alabama, to remain involved as black people in civic life during a time of tension regarding race relations across the country. She was addressing college graduates and telling them they are expected to be frustrated because of the different races of other people. These black college graduates are elite people who are being propagandized to act as victims, not leaders. More monoglots. That’s wrong. Michelle is preaching a very wrong message to a very elite group, especially after black people from very different social backgrounds than the elites at Tuskegee burned buildings in Baltimore and Ferguson within the past month.

What should Michelle have told the graduating students of Tuskegee University? That America is a polyglot culture.

“One of the true tragedies is that black politicians, preachers and civil rights advocates give massive support to criminals such as Brown, Garner and Scott. How much support do we see for the overwhelmingly law-abiding members of the black community preyed upon by criminals?

“The average American has no idea of the day-to-day threats and fears encountered by the law-abiding majority in black neighborhoods on account of thugs. In addition to giving threats and instilling fears, criminals have turned many black communities into economic wastelands where there is a lack of services that most Americans take for granted, such as supermarkets, other shops and even home delivery. Black residents must bear the expense of having to go out of their neighborhoods to shop or shop at high-cost mom and pop stores.

The protest chant that black lives matter appears to mean that black lives matter only if they are taken at the hands of white police officers.” So wrote Walter Williams.

To Michelle Obama none of that matters. She never lived in a black neighborhood among thugs. She lives in a magic world not available to most other people. She doesn’t grasp that either. Propelled along by her “I’m a victim of the races of others”, she’s unable to embrace the essence of America.

Michelle isn’t a deep thinker. If she was she would grasp the difference between her elite black world and the means worlds of Ferguson and Baltimore.

It’s impossible to be American and concentrate on just one’s race. America is bigger than that. America is better than that. The graduated of Tuskegee are better than that and hopefully, most likely they will live their lives in and help shape America not in Michelle’s or Barack’s image but in a correct, honest image, an American image. Michelle didn’t learn enough about America when she was an affirmative action student at Princeton. She was in Black Victim mode there. She’s still in that mode and that’s why Michelle made the wrong choice at Tuskegee.

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