If you live in Lower Makefield this may be your last chance to protect your property from being controlled by a small group of Super Activists from Easton.  Lower Makefield voted to continue their vote until July 18th, on a Resolution about the Delaware – Lehigh Drive, a Resolution designed to take over control of property in Lower Makefield. Who are these super- activists? The Lower Makefield Supervisors do not know or they will not reveal their names. (The degrading of property rights is based on the U.N.’s Earth Summits in 1992, 2002 and 2012.) Those U.N. ideas are fundamentally Un-American. Those ideas have been condemned by the Republican National Committee. Collectively they are contained inside a massive, (1,000 page) U.N. document called Agenda 21; an agenda for the 21st century. Why did the Republican National Committee condemn Agenda 21? Because Agenda 21 seeks to control land use in America by soft law. The upcoming Resolution to approve the  Delaware – Lehigh Scenic By-way is an example of “soft law”. A “Resolution of Support” is not an Ordinance. An ordinance has more legal force than a Resolution but in the case of the  Delaware – Lehigh Drive the Lower Makefield Resolution is required by the state and Federal governments to verify the property owners surrendered some of their property rights.  In effect, local control will be taken away from the citizens of Lower Make and put under the control of a small group of Super-Activists who are against, for example, roads. In addition, there are no advantages to the Resolution. There are no advantages to the “Master Plan” but there are plenty of disadvantages for Lower Makefield and Bucks County. The “Master Plan” claims the Drives designation is needed to: “inter-connect over 100 communities”. But they are connected. The “Master Plan” purposely ignores our road system. There is a massive system of roads, trails, bike lanes, path’s along the Canal and in our woods that already connects every single Archeological, Cultural, Historic, Scenic, Natural and Recreational site alleged to need connecting in the “Master Plan” The entire D & L Drive is based on nothing. The communities are already “interconnected”, – the connections already exist. The sites worth preserving are preserved by the existing American legal system. The D & L Drive is trying to get around our legal system. Their “Master Plan” provides nothing but it is dangerous because it lower the legal protection of Private Property and the U.N. doesn’t like the American idea of private property. The U.N. wants Communial Property. No, they do not you say? Read the documents like I did. You will see all of this is true.

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