After an impressive rundown about himself and his career Brian Fitzpatrick took questions and gave impromptu answers. This man can think clear on the run. Maybe it’s the lawyer. Maybe it’s the law enforcement attitude, maybe the special projects on which he worked close to Vladimir Putin’s Russia but its a combination of his value set and skills developed in a unique environment that includes an older brother who is a very popular Congressman. Those attributes produced Brian Fitzpatrick who is his own man as well as the product of his experiences. One is a product of the value set one accepts and practices. Brian gets high marks all around.

The Tea Party people are against big government. Brian want’s a Zero-Based Budget with penalties for overspending. He want’s single-issue Congressional Bills. not the Omnibus Bills currently in favor by corrupt lawmakers. How do you know a lawmaker is corrupt? Does he support Single Issue Bills or not?

Brian will balance out some of the Liberal Left-Wing big government types in Congress. He didn’t talk about Donald Trump but he seems to naturally align with Trumps populist and stong executive policies with the added attraction for Brian that’s he speaks from experience as a leader. The 8th Congressional District needs to add to Trumps leadership abilities with a strong Congressman and we have that with Brian Fitzpatrick.

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