When Ta-Nehisi Coates pressed Ocasio-Cortez on whether billionaire entrepreneurs deserve to keep their money, she responded, “Well you didn’t make those widgets, did you?…You sat on a couch while thousands of people were paid modern-day slave wages—and in some cases, real modern-day slavery, depending on where you are in terms of food production.” Well Ocasio, you didn’t make your clothes but you’re wearing them.

She continued with her Soviet Claptrap….”You made that money off of the backs of undocumented people, you made that money off of the backs of black and brown people being paid under a living wage, you made that money off of the backs of single mothers,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “No one ever makes a billion dollars. You take a billion dollars.”

Later, she turned her attention to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, suggesting that “if Jeff Bezos wants to be a good person, he’d turn Amazon into a worker cooperative.”*************************

This is straight out of the Communist Workbook. “He That Does neither shall he eat is by communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin during the early 1900s Russian Revolution. This is the awful thing that is now part of Congress… Shame on The Bronx and Queens for electing this anti-American.

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