Dr Ben Carson is certainly entitled to run for President as a member of the black race. He’s also entitled to take up the cause of black Americans and to support black issues but as a Presidential candidate he needs a broader vision. If he believes the black community needs his help as President he’s trying to coat-tail on President Obama’s success as the first black President.

He’s also on the wrong track because there are so many different races of Americans that no Presidential candidate should single out one race. That’s about as un-American as a Presidential candidate can get. How should we evaluate Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson? Not as a neurosurgeon. Not as a black man. We could judge him as a very smart and capable man in medicine. That’s a great way to evaluate him but it’s not a good way to judge a Presidential candidate. Being smart is important in anything one does but a President needs far more than a good brain.

Carson has led a very limited life and his concerns with the people of Harlem and Ferguson are understandable but not for a Presidential candidate. He needs to visit as many different places as possible so he can improve his ideas and attitudes towards people of different races than his own. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time left for him to do that. He should drop out of the race.

In addition, he’s a pediatric neurosurgeon a profession that needs correct and accurate thinking and presice muscular control, a skill set not parallel to being a leader who people will follow. Carson doesn’t have to convince people that his positions are correct. He’s a doctor which is as close to a dictator as one can get. Doctors do not argue so Carson is extremely unable to negotiate. He, as most doctors do, lacks people skills. No one can succeed as President who is unable to handle people.

Carson is slow and deliberative. Those traits work for a doctor but not for a leader who needs a highly developed sense of what the right thing to do is and whose intellect can operate at great speed. Carson is tha opposite which are more reasons he should drop out of the Presidential race.

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