It’s not racist to attack non-black people. Didn’t you know that? Racism is a one way issue. Racism is when non-black people act in ways black people don’t like. The black race is the victim. The black race is always the victim.
President Obama said after the grand jury ruled on Michael Browns death: “There are Americans who agree with it, and there are Americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry. It’s an understandable reaction.”

No it’s not. The reaction was burning down businesses and destroying property in lots of places. The President should understand that must be prosecuted, not “understood”.

Innocent people don’t understand how guilty people are excused but in the case of the Obama Administration not only are the guilty excused, some of them go to the White House and are called “Race Advisors”. That happened to Al Sharpton. It happened to Professor Gates. Is that how the President “Understands” the Grand Jury’s conclusions? It appears so. He’s wrong. Too bad.

Was the Presidents reaction racially motivated? Do elephants have trunks?

The President is a racial man. Instead of following thru on a tremendous opportunity to unite the races in America he decided to divide them even more. OK, OK. You’re right. We can’t read the Presidents mind so we don’t know for certain what he thought but we can and must draw conclusions from his actions. He doesn’t act non-black. He said he stopped referring to the race of his white mother when he was 12 or 13. Fine. That was his decision 41 years ago. Things are vastly different for him these days because he was elected to lead America to a better place. He failed miserably to get the people together. He’s essentially abandoned America. He’s going to be globe-hopping for the next two years as the people pay for his exorbitant life style and pay the price for his bad decisions. Pity.

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