——-BOYCOTT GEORGE CLOONEY’S MOVIES. —— It’s the best way to teach him that his politics are wrong.< In San Francisco Democrat protesters banged on pots and pans against Hillary and Goofy George Clooney at his $33,400 a seat fundraiser for one of the most corrupt people on the planet. Bill Sandberg, one of the protesters said: "Hillary's been bought and sold." George Clooney and his new wife Amal gave Hillary $353,000.00. Read that amount again: A THIRD OF A MILLION DOLLARS!! It's his money but you probably paid him some of it when you paid to see one or more of his movies. Tell him NO MORE!! Enough is Enough. A protester noted: ...."If you give her $35,400 you expect something in return."

They chanted: “Hey Hey Ho Ho Hillary Clinton has got to go”. They got it right.

Movie Stars need to be reminded that their careers depend on public perception. When Clooney tries to star in another movie it’s going to be impossible for people to separate his face from his politics. that means hi ability to portray someone else on the screen will be impossible because of his political visibility. Sure he’s entitled to support whomsoever he wants but the fans are too and that’s the problem for famous people. When their life is on public display, and that’s what makes them famous, their life meaning their personality as seen by the people. For many famous people, it’s either / or/ Either keep your personal life separate or take the chance your politics or the causes you support are opposed by some people and that makes the public eye both important and dangerous to a career. .


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