On FOX American Newsroom today with Bill Hemmer and Martha McCallum, Karl Rove proved once again how out of touch with Republican voters he is. Rove is actually defending the corrupt Colorado Republican Party’s corrupt practice that stopped registered Republican voters from voting in the 2016 Primary. Rove hasn’t gotten it since he wrongly predicted Romney would beat Obama in 2012. FOX should get rid of Rove. He’s become as useful as iron slag.

Rove said the rules have been in place since last year. That proves how deliberate the insider Republicans were in their plan to ignore the will of the registered Republicans. Rove is a leader of the out-of-touch-gang who believe making bad rules to support corruption is good. Rove is done for. He’s gained too much weight. His face is wider than his head. He’s become an embarrassment to a party that continues to prove how corrupt American politics has become. 

Rove appears to support Madame First Lady, Senator, Secretary Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton a sham of a human being whose promotion and critical role in US wars against Libya, Iraq and Syria caused well over one million women to be made into refugees, who are or have been raped, injured or killed. Which is worse, one may ask: Crude locker room jokes about the Madame or millions of orphaned boys and girls denied parents, homes, education and any future in the Middle East and North Africa? That is the world Midwife Hillary Clinton had helped to deliver. This is who will become President as Karl Rove bounces around like a ball in a pinball machine.

Finally, it needs to be said that Rove is corruption up with which we should not put.

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