Fox has followed the Fonz into LaLa land. First they supported JEB! When he crashed they supported Marco Rubio who flamed out. Now they are yelling about how great Ted “Loser” Cruz is FOX is no longer relevant to the 2016 election. Viewers who had been delighted to watch the most conservative network have been turned off faster than a cell phone. Lets get out of here Tonto.

FOX is so against Donald Trump that they have turned the phony blonds into little chirping mini-skirted nothings. FOX is shedding conservative viewers faster than the immigrants are storming Europe.

FOX News was once considered the “conservative” cable news channel but it’s become FARCE NEWS, a channel consumed with Trump hatred. In a phony attempt to appear fair and balanced FOX will hold a discussion segment with two Trump haters, a Democrat and a Republican insider, who both bash Trump.

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