Politics runs on bribes. Outright ‘Under the table’cash is preferred and every so often a corrupt official goes a bit too far with the wrong contractor and it makes the newspapers. ‘Soft” bribery is far harder to discover but other than a more than honest reporter one who doesn’t have a family to consider, discovers a mortgage of a judge or a township supervisor that’s being paid for by a suspicious source. In the case of several Philadelphia and Pennsylvania judges it was rather widespread and it supposedly caught some more-or-less-honest-Judges along with some really guilty ones so the scam gets exposed.

That makes a lot of other bribery schemes go to ground for awhile until the public outcry dies down like Hillary’s ‘Travelgate”, ‘Whitewater’ “Stock Trading” well the Clintons raked in millions and nor Hillary is running for the highest office in the world. Bribery of government officials pays so well that it just eliminated the Republican voters in Colorado.

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