In a letter to some of his constituents Sen Casey wrote: “I have decided to support a federal assault weapons ban as well as legislation restricting high capacity magazines.” Sen Casey also states: “I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Pennsylvania has a fine hunting and sporting tradition, and I will defend the right to bear arms as it is enshrined in our Constitution. I will continue to back the right to bear arms for purposes of self-defense, recreation, sporting and collection.”

Senator Casey you logically cannot say you support the Second Amendment and a federal assault weapons ban which opposes the Constitution. Those statements clash with each other. You neglect to include the basis for the Second Amendment which is the use of arms to confront a rogue government. See, for example, The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Revolutionary War which could neither been fought not won without armed civilians. You seek to destroy the basis for Americans to defend ourselves from tyranny and from tyrants who promulgate it. People who are wrong about Liberty who are in government are the reason Americans-to-be went to war against it’s government several hundred years ago and that is the basis for keeping a well-armed populace.

Guns, assault weapons and ammunition are not important because those weapond can be used for hunting or sporting purposes. You probably cannot change your mind about the wrong basis for which you believe the Second Amendment was written but it is to protect ourselves against people like you in American government.

You should resign. Your service is violating the oath you swore, viz. to protect and defend the Constitution. You are a product of an extreme type of American Liberalism. I cannot find even a single word  you or your father has ever uttered that could be proved to give comfort to any person who is oppressed in Cuba, China, Iran  or in other slave based culture including for example a slave in Birmingham Alabama who would have been governed by Jefferson Davis. Such callous disregard for America and the Constitution seems even more traitorous because you are an elected Federal Senator who swore to do the opposite.  

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