What makes sense about the Boston Terror Bombings? Maybe Dzhokhar, (sounds like “Joker”) will tell the interrogators his motives but we’ve heard all those before. It’s about Jihad.  Jihad is War Against The West. 

Several things are evident. 1. Dzhokhar had a lot of Middle East help to make the bombs. 2. He had para-military and guerilla training to engage police in shoot-outs & training to evade capture. 3. Someone bankrolled him. 4. He’s been deceived. Who motivated him?  How was he radicallized?

The successful capture of Dzhokhor is an amazing event. Small police forces were able to coordinate their forces and capture him. Compare that with the investigations of the Benghazi murders in September which were covered-up to help the election. Benghazi revealed woeful foreign policy failures that covered-up deeper foreign policy blunders. The adminstration concealed the failures until after Obama was elected.

Boston investigations  – success. Benghazi – failure. Strategy to eliminate Jihad? Silence. Strategy to fight Jihad? Louder Silence.

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