Belligerence is not leadership. Where is the leadership over the past four years? Arrogance in not leadership. The continued weakening of the American Medical Market by government taking it over like a third world tyrant. The Sequester. The coolness of being aloof unconcerned by a missing intellectual ability also might be a malicious adroitness at ruining America.

Consider: -9/11/2012 Benghazi; – remains unsolved. Nothing the President did, -nor one word past Secretary of State Clinton has uttered, not one inch of travel by John Kerry, an admitted foe of America’s involvement in the Vietnam war, offers any comfort to American. A crisis of leadership; a vacumn of intelligent thought or deed emits from Washington. The remarks after the Boston Terror Attack from Foggy Bottom are stunning in their missing ability to lead. Worse that poor leadership is the lack of it and even deeper is the inability to articulate anything about it.

Jihad? Islam? Terror? Bombs? Israel? These are the scenes of the crimes that support the missing leadership. The civilians of Libya offer more leadership than the leaders of the United States. Libyian civilians stormed local militia headquarters. Those actions were far more than the American leaders who continue to embarass humanity with their malicious ignorance to the detriment of the entire free world. Enough. They should go.

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