In terms of sheer brainpower, probably Krauthammer but not by much if at all, but in terms of success with people, money, humanity, an IQ score doesn’t always work. I.Q. is not a measure of your practical intelligence: knowing how to make things work, says Richard Nisbett, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan. It doesn’t measure your creativity. It doesn’t measure your curiosity. It doesn’t measure your money. It’s like a tool. Tools can’t do the job.
Donald Trump is worth about $8 billion dollars. Krauthammer about $9 million. Trump is worth about 900 times more than Krauthammer.
Krauthammer’s $9 million is very, very impressive but it’s far, far less impressive compared to Trump. Nine hundred times less impressive.
Trump has charisma. Most people don’t. Krauthammer is impressive, especially because his life is confined to a wheelchair. He made a bad mistake yeas ago by diving into a pool where he severed his spinal cord.

Donald J. Trump worked hard, smart, continuously to cultivate a personal fortune. So did Krauthammer but Trump is 900 times more successful.

We are better off with both Trump and Krauthammer but only one is running for President. Hopefully Krauthammer will be able to work through his obvious and admitted anti-Trump bias. If he’s successful we will all be better off. If not, at least an intelligent critic is better than an average one.  




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