They have an “Insider’s List” of preferred “Letters to the Editor” writers but it’s a “Secret List” that black-balls certain people from their Editorial Pages. OK, no one want’s to publish the opinions of their enemies but they should admit that’s their policy instead of inviting everyone to send in their letters in the false belief that the selection process is fair, impartial and honest. It isn’t.

It’s a Democrat paper in a Democrat area that promotes Democratic party values. Why not admit that? Why not say: “this is a left wing, Liberal, Socialist newspaper and our policy is to publish left wing Liberal Socialist stuff with the occasional neutral or right wing letter to hide the fact that we’re completely on the left side of the political spectrum. But that would ruin their deception. How could they have a secret list if they told you the secret? Defeats their purpose which is to propagandize for the left. Propaganda relies on stealth, otherwise it’s honest writing which is the opposite of propaganda. Left-wing propaganda. Doesn’t sound too good when it’s written that way. Even worse, the Courier is a Front Group for even more dangerous anti-Americanism. They are profoundly against America. A wall is needed to put these people out and to keep them out of America.

Even so, the Courier is useful as left wing propaganda and as an extremely dishonest example of journalism. If the editors aren’t honest, neither are the reporters. The news becomes an organ of the left wing instead of honest reporting. Stories are picked to further the left wing agenda or to stop or counter the right wing. Left wing but not honest. A biased news report is made worse by the lying policies of the editors.

The Courier publishes Sociological propaganda including advertising and editorial choices. Propaganda is Sociological spin. Propaganda got women to smoke, put bacon and eggs on the breakfast table, Ivory in the soap dishes and Obama back in the White House. Political Correctness is an example of the success of Propaganda. Public thought is manipulated by propaganda like the editors of The Courier practice. Another is the ubiquity of openly homosexual characters that has caused public opinion to consistently overestimate the percentage of the population that is homosexual. That’s the value of propaganda to the left and the danger of purposeful publishing of lies. The Courier knows that so they invented a “Truth Squad” that will examine any right wing claims but approve all left wing issues especially including their current favorite Socialist Congressional Candidate, a complete left wing ideologue who is missing the entire right side of his body.

Long-term exposure to the Courier’s left wing propaganda is neurosis that makes it impossible to listen to or even tolerate messages that differ from their own distorted value and belief systems. News from our universities, which should be a market-place of ideas, give support to the value of propaganda. Student groups have been silencing messages they don’t like, using tactics such as mass theft of school newspapers to deny an offending article or column readership, shouting down speakers, campaigning to have graduation speakers dis-invited, pushing for trigger warnings on content. The ability to agree to disagree has been severely eroded. The Courier has been in the forefront of the charge into the unsuspecting public.

Propaganda has enormous power but it must be disguised as “Truth” ergo the Courier’s Editors invented their “Truth Squad” composed of the most severe left wing ideologues available. The better to deceive you, and to make sure you agree with their left wing deceptions. Welcome to the herd wrangled by Pravda West, aka. The Bucks County Courier Times.

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